Key Issues

Launch of a digital product or service

Launch of a digital product or service - image

In this digital era, businesses are shifting and evolving. Many organisations are considering how developing technologies are creating new business opportunities. Across all sectors, digital channels, products and services are allowing companies to reach new and untapped markets.

The legal implications of launching a digital product or service can be complex and involve multi-jurisdictional processes. (We recently helped a client launch a new web platform simultaneously in 28 markets.)

Licencing and technology agreements surrounding design, set up and roll-out are critical to get right; and can mean planning for – and guarding against – legal and regulatory issues which don’t currently exist. Product updates and enhancements can also have their own unique set of legal and regulatory challenges. From how to store and manage data securely and effectively, to the regulatory boundaries and requirements placed on new products and services.

And speed matters. Moving into new markets needs a robust platform. Doing it all quickly enough to gain competitive advantage or maintain market share can feel daunting. It requires experience – difficult to ensure when supporting innovation and breaking new ground. For this reason it’s important to work with lawyers who have done it before. Lawyers who understand how the changing regulatory landscape relates to digital products and services. What counts is partnering with a team who will know the issues, product and markets that matter.

Sometimes it’s even about connecting dots across sectors. Connections you may not have seen but, as international legal experts who work across eight key sectors, we can. We’ve helped our clients to discover additional opportunities and spot risks from outside their own sector. This insight may stem from our legal expertise in digital products and services, but it can have far wider implications.