All Insights en Tue, 23 Jul 2024 18:27:25 +0100 Mon, 22 Jul 2024 14:32:49 +0100 Under Construction: Recent legal developments within the construction industry | July 2024 &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>The new government and the construction industry, construction insolvencies continue, and are collateral warranties 'construction contracts'?</strong></p>]]&gt; Mon, 22 Jul 2024 14:32:49 +0100 All Insights What did the UK King's Speech contain for business? &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>As anticipated, the new government has announced a broad range of legislative priorities</strong></p>]]&gt; Fri, 19 Jul 2024 12:31:34 +0100 All Insights 'Wind of change': Labour government lifts de facto ban on onshore wind in the UK &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>The swift move indicates a strong early commitment to the green economy and to reform of the UK's planning system</strong></p>]]&gt; Wed, 10 Jul 2024 11:44:06 +0100 All Insights How to get ahead and avoid disputes prior to UK PFI handback &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>As projects enter a 'sunset' period, it is time to consider areas of potential dispute and how best to avoid them</strong></p>]]&gt; Tue, 02 Jul 2024 10:39:24 +0100 All Insights Is Belgian real estate ready for the new rules for electric vehicles from 2025? &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Obligations are changing for the installation of charging stations and infrastructure in Belgium</strong></p>]]&gt; Mon, 01 Jul 2024 09:40:36 +0100 All Insights What can the retail and consumer sector expect from the next UK government? &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Competing priorities for the next government – the future of the high street, business rates, food advertising and the new consumer regime</strong></p>]]&gt; Wed, 26 Jun 2024 10:31:50 +0100 All Insights Environment | UK Regulatory Outlook June 2024 &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>UK general election 2024: environmental law aspects | Government launches survey for post-implementation review of Habitats Regulations | Council adopts EU Nature Restoration Law</strong></p>]]&gt; Wed, 26 Jun 2024 10:09:13 +0100 All Insights Health and safety | UK Regulatory Outlook June 2024 &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>UK general election 2024: health and safety aspects | H&amp;S prosecutions remind businesses of severe fines they could face for breaches</strong></p>]]&gt; Wed, 26 Jun 2024 10:09:13 +0100 All Insights First judicial pronouncement made on the "Berlin clause" in Spanish residential leases &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>The Barcelona Court of First Instance ruling further endorses Berlin clauses and creates a judicial guideline</strong></p>]]&gt; Tue, 25 Jun 2024 15:51:43 +0100 All Insights What can the Built Environment sector expect from the next UK government? &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>The sector will be hoping for clarity in a number of areas, including leasehold reform and planning, to support business strategy and investment</strong></p>]]&gt; Mon, 24 Jun 2024 09:38:29 +0100 All Insights UK general election 2024: Labour's manifesto and tax &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>The manifesto confirms Labour's widely publicised tax policy plans with no surprises but little further detail</strong></p>]]&gt; Tue, 18 Jun 2024 17:48:46 +0100 All Insights English Upper Tribunal upholds Gravesham's appeal in limited setback for 1954 Act telecom renewals &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p align="left"><strong>Has a safety net for Operators now been lost?</strong></p>]]&gt; Tue, 11 Jun 2024 10:06:18 +0100 All Insights A muted Leasehold and Freehold Reform Act is now law but not yet in force in England &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>The hasty pre-general election introduction in the final parliamentary session has led to major legislative casualties</strong></p>]]&gt; Wed, 05 Jun 2024 10:04:12 +0100 All Insights Health and safety | UK Regulatory Outlook May 2024 &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>General election impact on the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill | HSE publish strategic approach to AI | Mental Health Awareness Week&nbsp;</strong></p>]]&gt; Fri, 31 May 2024 10:09:13 +0100 All Insights Under Construction: Legal developments in the UK construction industry | May 2024 &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Early indications for the construction industry in the upcoming general election, JCT publishes the new Design and Build 2024 contracts, new second staircase requirement for qualifying residential buildings and a recent judgment requiring strict compliance with notice provisions in some building contracts</strong></p>]]&gt; Thu, 30 May 2024 11:44:01 +0100 All Insights Finishing Parliamentary business in the 'wash-up' ahead of UK general election: what legislation has survived and what has fallen? &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Prorogation brought Parliamentary business to an end, meaning all draft legislation not passed is lost</strong></p>]]&gt; Tue, 28 May 2024 11:58:01 +0100 All Insights UK government concludes consultation on contractual controls on land &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Proposed regulations include a public register of contractual control agreements to increase land ownership transparency</strong></p>]]&gt; Fri, 26 Apr 2024 11:00:34 +0100 All Insights Environment | UK Regulatory Outlook April 2024 &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>European Parliament adopts new certification framework for carbon removals | European Parliament adopts position on soil monitoring directive | EU Environmental Crime Directive receives formal approval</strong></p>]]&gt; Tue, 23 Apr 2024 10:09:13 +0100 All Insights Health and safety | UK Regulatory Outlook April 2024 &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Stress awareness month | Health and Safety Executive updates RIDDOR guidance | Government invest £1.5million into innovative occupational health services</strong></p>]]&gt; Tue, 23 Apr 2024 10:09:13 +0100 All Insights Smart Power | UK energy market strategy in 2025, repowering and ethical supply chains &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Welcome to the latest edition of Smart Power, Osborne Clarke's specialist service for asset managers within the green energy sector.</strong></p>]]&gt; Thu, 18 Apr 2024 10:09:07 +0100 All Insights EU strengthens its arsenal in fight against environmental crime &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Revised legislation brings in 'qualified' offences to criminalise serious environmental damage and replaces the 2008 law</strong>&nbsp;</p>]]&gt; Tue, 16 Apr 2024 14:59:31 +0100 All Insights English County Court rules against landlord opposing statutory renewal lease on 'ground f' &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>A tenant can temporarily vacate part of the premises affected by the works to defeat a landlord's opposition</strong></p>]]&gt; Mon, 15 Apr 2024 17:34:36 +0100 All Insights What is natural capital and what does it mean for investors and lenders in the UK and Europe? &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>While some natural capital-related regulatory requirements may currently only be voluntary, or not yet catch financial institutions, there may be merit in complying early</strong></p>]]&gt; Fri, 12 Apr 2024 14:48:37 +0100 All Insights Health and safety | UK Regulatory Outlook March 2024 &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Building Safety Act update: transition period coming to an end | New Occupational Health Taskforce | RIDDOR review</strong></p>]]&gt; Wed, 27 Mar 2024 10:09:13 +0000 All Insights Environment | UK Regulatory Outlook March 2024 &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>BNG requirements for small sites come into effect from April 2024 | Extended producer responsibility for packaging waste: reporting changes coming into force 1 April 2024 | CSDD gets through vote from Council of the EU</strong></p>]]&gt; Wed, 27 Mar 2024 10:09:13 +0000 All Insights