All Insights en Wed, 17 Apr 2024 17:37:14 +0100 Wed, 17 Apr 2024 13:26:28 +0100 UK Litigation Brief | April 2024 &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Welcome to the latest edition of Osborne Clarke's Litigation Brief</strong></p>]]&gt; Wed, 17 Apr 2024 13:26:28 +0100 All Insights EU strengthens its arsenal in fight against environmental crime &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Revised legislation brings in 'qualified' offences to criminalise serious environmental damage and replaces the 2008 law</strong>&nbsp;</p>]]&gt; Tue, 16 Apr 2024 14:59:31 +0100 All Insights New EU AI Act is poised to shape the future for life sciences in Europe &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>What is the extent of the sector's application of AI and the regulatory outlook following European Parliament approval?</strong></p>]]&gt; Tue, 16 Apr 2024 12:33:59 +0100 All Insights English County Court rules against landlord opposing statutory renewal lease on 'ground f' &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>A tenant can temporarily vacate part of the premises affected by the works to defeat a landlord's opposition</strong></p>]]&gt; Mon, 15 Apr 2024 17:34:36 +0100 All Insights The Energy Transition | Ofgem's new rules for the non-domestic energy sector &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Welcome to our top picks of the latest energy regulatory and market developments in the UK's transition to net zero.</strong></p>]]&gt; Mon, 15 Apr 2024 11:52:24 +0100 All Insights English High Court considers 'balance of convenience' in Sparta damages ruling &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>The decision demonstrates how disputes about restrictive covenants are highly fact sensitive and evidence based</strong></p>]]&gt; Fri, 12 Apr 2024 14:56:23 +0100 All Insights What is natural capital and what does it mean for investors and lenders in the UK and Europe ? &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>While some natural capital-related regulatory requirements may currently only be voluntary, or not yet catch financial institutions, there may be merit in complying early</strong></p>]]&gt; Fri, 12 Apr 2024 14:48:37 +0100 All Insights European Parliament formally adopts Product Liability Directive <p><strong>What changes and practical actions should businesses be considering?</strong></p> Fri, 12 Apr 2024 14:21:12 +0100 All Insights UK Knowledge Collection | Green agreements and competition law, avoiding supply chain risk, and cyber resilience &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Welcome to this week's Knowledge Collection</strong></p>]]&gt; Fri, 12 Apr 2024 13:14:36 +0100 All Insights UK competition regulator issues fresh guidance on green collaborations for sustainability &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>CMA charts way for businesses to navigate sustainability concerns in supply chains while maintaining competition</strong></p>]]&gt; Thu, 11 Apr 2024 11:50:02 +0100 All Insights Setting sail globally: launching internationally in an interconnected world &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Launching a business internationally can be a game-changer but comes with its own set of challenges and considerations</strong></p>]]&gt; Wed, 10 Apr 2024 15:42:37 +0100 All Insights Orders to preserve evidence under the Unified Patent Court: seven trends from the emerging case law &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>The UPC has demonstrated a flexible approach – and so far has routinely granted </strong><em><strong>ex parte</strong></em><strong> orders to preserve evidence of suspected infringement</strong></p>]]&gt; Tue, 09 Apr 2024 10:40:05 +0100 All Insights The Energy Transition | Ofgem's vision for a clean, affordable and secure energy system &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Welcome to our top picks of the latest energy regulatory and market developments in the UK's transition to net zero.</strong></p>]]&gt; Mon, 08 Apr 2024 12:26:10 +0100 All Insights Tax domicile is not tax residence | Withholding tax on French-source wages, salaries and pension (under Article 182 A of the French tax code): what practical implications? <p>In a decision handed down on 5 February this year, <a href=""><u>CE, 5 févr. 2024, n° 469771, Société Axa Group Opérations</u> </a>the French Administrative Supreme Court strictly applied the provisions of Article 182 A of the French Tax Code (FTC), thereby overturning the French tax doctrine in force.</p> Fri, 05 Apr 2024 15:39:24 +0100 All Insights UK government unveils draft procurement regulations for public sector bids &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Authorities and suppliers will need to keep an eye on information published about procurements and resulting contracts</strong></p>]]&gt; Thu, 04 Apr 2024 11:17:51 +0100 All Insights Judicial situation of wind farms in Galicia: preliminary ruling and suspension of administrative proceedings &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>The suspension of the authorization procedures for a significant number of wind farms in Galicia is putting the sector on alert</strong></p>]]&gt; Thu, 04 Apr 2024 11:06:43 +0100 All Insights Basque Law on Energy Transition and Climate Change &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>On 12 March 2024, Law 1/2024 of 8 February on Energy Transition and Climate Change in the Basque Country was published in the Official State Gazette (BOE). This new law establishes the legal framework for achieving climate neutrality in the Basque Country</strong></p>]]&gt; Thu, 04 Apr 2024 10:24:37 +0100 All Insights The Energy Transition | £2 billion provisional budget for fast-track transmission investment project &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Welcome to our top picks of the latest energy regulatory and market developments in the UK's transition to net zero.</strong></p>]]&gt; Tue, 02 Apr 2024 10:30:35 +0100 All Insights Decision time for UK medical device regulation: diverge or converge with the EU? &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>The MHRA appears to be considering an approach for UK regulations that would broadly mirror the EU model</strong></p>]]&gt; Thu, 28 Mar 2024 17:16:10 +0000 All Insights Delay in new statutory powers for UK Financial Reporting Council leads to postponement of planned headcount increase &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Absence of legislation to expand its remit means FRC will instead focus on a year of consolidation to prioritise its core purpose</strong></p>]]&gt; Thu, 28 Mar 2024 14:33:27 +0000 All Insights UK Employment Coffee Break | New Vento bands, EAT rules on trial periods as reasonable adjustments, and immigration update &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Welcome to our latest Coffee Break in which we look at the latest legal and practical developments impacting UK employers</strong></p>]]&gt; Thu, 28 Mar 2024 14:22:25 +0000 All Insights UK FCA reaffirms tackling financial crime as a top priority &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>The financial regulator has set out areas of focus for preventing and reducing financial crime in 2024</strong></p>]]&gt; Thu, 28 Mar 2024 13:03:05 +0000 All Insights International Funds Legal Update | 28 March 2024 &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>HNWI statement déjà vu, FCA reviews, guidance on climate-related disclosures and updates to asset management legislation</strong></p>]]&gt; Thu, 28 Mar 2024 12:36:55 +0000 All Insights What happens to the project company at the expiry of UK PFI contracts? &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p><strong>Directors of the special purpose vehicles created for PFI projects should be aware of the steps they need to take ahead of project expiry</strong></p>]]&gt; Thu, 28 Mar 2024 12:17:06 +0000 All Insights Marketinglaw update | March 2024 &lt;[CDATA[<img src='' /><br /><p>Welcome to the latest edition of Marketinglaw.</p>]]&gt; Wed, 27 Mar 2024 15:47:56 +0000 All Insights