Artificial intelligence

Stunning advances in machine learning and generative AI, combined with an explosion in public discussion of its pros and cons, have pushed artificial intelligence to the top of policymakers' agendas around the world. Businesses can see the potential, but are learning how best to harness AI's power for efficiency, insight and speed. Governments are exploring how to use it to unleash productivity gains. Regulators are investigating how to reduce risks of harm and align AI's impact with society's interests.

We have been growing our AI legal expertise for many years. Our international team of lawyers includes pioneering authors in the field of AI law, as well as strength and depth of coal-face experience working with clients in the vanguard of this technology.

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Businesses choose us for advice around their AI strategies because of our pedigree in transformative IT projects and the implementation and use of novel technologies. But you may also need experienced support in understanding the risk impact of using generative AI (or "GenAI") within your business as well as an understanding of how regulatory frameworks are emerging and coalescing in this space. You may need advice on licensing new AI solutions or want to monetise and protect intellectual property rights. Understanding how AI impacts on your use of personal data and powers analytics will be critical. In a world where advanced GenAI tools can be accessed at the click of a button, HR and employment policies on usage are essential to contain enterprise risk. Coupled with this are the inevitable environmental considerations of using such technologies. We blend our advice across all these areas to ensure you achieve your commercial objectives for AI.

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Artificial intelligence

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