Intellectual property

Increasingly, intellectual property is the most valuable asset many companies hold. Managing, protecting and exploiting your IP is a complex but necessary process. Our all-round experience means that we can help clients from start to finish, so whether you are looking to register a new patent, negotiate licences, sell your IP portfolio or anything in between, we can help. We advise on the tensions between competition rules and IP to make sure you are on the right side of the regulators, while our tax specialists will ensure that your assets are managed in the most efficient way, from cradle to grave.

Many of the world’s leading companies come to us for IP advice, whether that’s due diligence, freedom to operate or protecting the bundle of rights underpinning a product. We always advise in the context of your business, because we know that no two issues involving IP assets are identical. We are also experienced in tackling problems the moment they arise, from preventing misuse of your IPRs to defending you against allegations of infringement.

We regularly work with global companies to devise the most effective pan-European IP strategies, and with offices in the six key European jurisdictions we can act locally to help you implement, exploit and enforce rights wherever appropriate.