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Urban Mobility

Data use fuels fundamental debates for the future of mobility as a service 'smart' transport

The need to share transportation data raises a range of legal issues around ownership, anonymity, consent and aggregation

Data-driven business models

Data law landscapes beyond Europe

European businesses with an appetite for global growth cannot afford to ignore the data law landscape in other markets. Regulation

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Data-driven business models

Regulating data-powered artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an increasingly powerful and pervasive tool being used to boost productivity across all sectors. Data is

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Urban Mobility

Transparency and compliance pave way for mobility as a service

The integrated model for urban transport raises legal and regulatory questions around privacy, competition, contracts, policy and more

Tech, Media and Comms

What regulation is on the horizon for the metaverse?

A live concert staged in the metaverse raises broad legal and regulatory issues

IT and data

EU Data Act proposal: Commission plans comprehensive right to data access

The proposed legislation is set to have a huge impact on the European data economy

IT and data

Random Audit of Security Measures by Bavarian Supervisory Authority

The Bavarian Supervisory Authority (Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht, BayLDA) has established a new department responsible for audits. As announced in


Predictions 2022: What could be in store for US and international business?

Businesses will be readying themselves for growth and transformation in a year in which the world hopes to move on

IT and data

What is the role of 'joint controllership' in data privacy?

Five things to know about the evolving concept of joint controllership in data protection and what it means in practice


Brexit: The first 100 days

A truism: Brexit is a process, not an event. So, 100 days after the UK left the Single Market and

IT and data

European Commission publishes draft adequacy decisions for the UK

Businesses will welcome draft decisions that follow months of discussions to continue free EU-UK data flows