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Predictions 2022: What could be in store for US and international business?

Businesses will be readying themselves for growth and transformation in a year in which the world hopes to move on

Employment and pensions

Business Travel after Brexit – what can I do or not do?

Now that the European Union and the United Kingdom are gradually lifting their travel restrictions, we see borders beginning to


Brexit: The first 100 days

A truism: Brexit is a process, not an event. So, 100 days after the UK left the Single Market and

Coronavirus COVID-19

The 'NHS Test and Trace Service': What does this mean for employers?

Employers will need to understand and carefully manage their role in the test and trace process, and the potential impact

Coronavirus COVID-19

Business Continuity in a Crisis: practical steps and legal guidance

As we settle into the business environment created by COVID-19, it is crucial that companies dedicate their efforts to business

Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus Legal Briefing | The EU's exit strategy for business

Welcome to Osborne Clarke's Coronavirus Legal Briefing, our newsletter on business law issues in these sombre times.

Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus A guide for your business

COVID-19 – and the measures governments have implemented to slow the spread of the virus – represent an unprecedented challenge

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