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Data-driven business models

Rethinking regulation of data-driven digital platforms

The European Union is about to enact the Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act. Both are focused on reshaping

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Urban Mobility

How competition law can open up international mobility markets

Competition law promotes data access, interoperability and innovation

Urban Mobility

Why close attention to consumer law is crucial for mobility-as-a-service success

Complex international MaaS transport solutions require a focus on compliance as the EU beefs up its protection of digital consumers

Retail and Consumer

European Commission focuses on fashion industry with antitrust raids

Stronger antitrust scrutiny is expected as the new Vertical Block Exemption Regulation and guidelines are adopted

Competition, antitrust and trade

European Commission adopts new Vertical Block Exemption Regulation and guidelines

New regime will come into force on 1 June 2022, with a short transitional period for agreements concluded before 31

Tech, Media and Comms

EU gets one step closer to adopting the Digital Services Act

New regulation of digital services expected to come into force for all businesses in late 2023

Urban Mobility

Transparency and compliance pave way for mobility as a service

The integrated model for urban transport raises legal and regulatory questions around privacy, competition, contracts, policy and more

IT and data

EU Data Act proposal: Commission plans comprehensive right to data access

The proposed legislation is set to have a huge impact on the European data economy

Global Compliance

Duty of vigilance: comparative regulation in Europe and the UK

Businesses internationally are required more and more to prevent human rights and environment violations – what do existing and proposed

Competition, antitrust and trade

Better the VABER you know?

Will proposed changes to the regulation of 'vertical agreements' across the EU and UK benefit manufacturers and brand owners?

Tech, Media and Comms

New levy obligations for audiovisual media services adopted in France

The French government has moved ahead with its far-reaching reforms of the financing of audio-visual and cinema productions

Competition, antitrust and trade

Additional regulatory regime looms for third country investors into EU

EU proposes new legislation to combat distortive effects of foreign subsidies on EU internal market