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Tech, Media and Comms

European institutions contemplate the metaverse and its policy challenges

European Parliament Research Service paper considers regulation by adapting the existing digital world policy framework

Regulatory and compliance

EU's Digital Service Act to introduce first express ban on 'dark patterns'

Definition of dark patterns sheds light on concerns including exiting subscriptions easily while raising applicability questions

Financial Services

Political agreement reached on the EU's Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation

New regulatory framework for crypto expected to come into force in 2024 – with implications for issuers and service providers


Hydrogen in-depth webinar series

With the global hydrogen generation market projected to reach 201 billion USD by 2025, understanding the hydrogen market and its

Real estate

Covid 19 lockdowns & commercial rents

On 30 June 2022, the Court of cassation (higher civil court) rendered its judgments in three cases concerning the payment

Data-driven business models

Data-driven business models | An overview of the report

Osborne Clarke has released a report in partnership with the European Company Lawyers Association exploring the challenges and opportunities associated

Intellectual property

Unitary Patents and the Unified Patent Court: FAQs

Significant changes to the patent landscape across Europe are coming, what can be expected and what can be done to

Urban Mobility

Data use fuels fundamental debates for the future of mobility as a service 'smart' transport

The need to share transportation data raises a range of legal issues around ownership, anonymity, consent and aggregation

Data-driven business models

Data pooling and data integration in groups of companies​

There are various stages in the life-cycle of a dataset. First, the dataset must be created, whether this is achieved

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Data-driven business models

Data law landscapes beyond Europe

European businesses with an appetite for global growth cannot afford to ignore the data law landscape in other markets. Regulation

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Data-driven business models

Rethinking regulation of data-driven digital platforms

The European Union is about to enact the Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act. Both are focused on reshaping

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Data-driven business models

Trust and Legal Certainty for the data-driven Economy? A look into the EU Data Governance Act

The EU sees a bright future for a European data economy. The ambition of the Data Governance Act (DGA) is

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