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Employment and pensions

Home and away: working across borders

With more employees working remotely in other countries during the pandemic, businesses need to keep an eye on social security

Tech, Media and Comms

TMC Tax Focus | Be prepared for tax scrutiny

With tax authorities often sceptical about the motives behind corporate decision-making, recording and being able to demonstrate the commercial rationale

Tech, Media and Comms

TMC Tax Focus | International arrangements under the spotlight

Increased globalisation of companies in the Tech, Media and Communications sector has led to Tax Authorities clamping down on tax

Tech, Media and Comms

TMC Tax Focus | Profit attribution in a changing commercial environment

An international focus on preventing 'base erosion and profit shifting' (or 'BEPS') has brought in fundamental changes to the allocation

Tech, Media and Comms

TMC Tax Focus | Common tax incentives for IP rich businesses

With falling headline corporate tax rates, we look at what other ways jurisdictions are trying to encourage IP rich companies

Tech, Media and Comms

TMC Tax Focus | A shifting international tax landscape

Over the last few years there have been a raft of changes in the tax rules for companies that are

Managing Covid-19

Tax implications of the coronavirus crisis

The Belgian tax authorities--mainly on the Federal level but also on Regional level--are acting quickly to support enterprises and individuals

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Managing Covid-19

Coronavirus Legal Briefing | The EU's exit strategy for business

Welcome to Osborne Clarke's Coronavirus Legal Briefing, our newsletter on business law issues in these sombre times.

Managing Covid-19

Coronavirus A guide for your business

COVID-19 – and the measures governments have implemented to slow the spread of the virus – represent an unprecedented challenge

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