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Data-driven business models

How to respond to a ransomware attack – an illustrative example

Cyber attacks have become a fact of life. They are a persistent and real risk for any business, with the

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Retail and Consumer

European Commission focuses on fashion industry with antitrust raids

Stronger antitrust scrutiny is expected as the new Vertical Block Exemption Regulation and guidelines are adopted

ESG, sustainability and responsible business

Corporate sustainability due diligence: what will this mean in practice for business?

The European Commission's proposals signal a changing approach, with businesses being expected to actively look for and address the social

Dispute resolution

Ukraine crisis: The UK and the EU announce more sanctions

Additional sanctions are the likely precursor to further measures by the UK and the EU as well as the US

Dispute resolution

Ukraine crisis: what will UK, EU and US sanctions mean for businesses?

How is the international response evolving, how do financial sanctions work, and what steps can mitigate the risk to companies?

Regulatory and compliance

The EU steps nearer to tougher regime to fight environmental crime

New legislation to assist in the discovery and prosecution of serious environmental offences will deliver on ambitious European Green Deal

Dispute resolution

My debtor is (at risk of becoming) insolvent. Now what?

As a consequence of the current Covid-19 crisis, it has become increasingly important to keep an eye on the solvency

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Dispute resolution

My debtor is (at risk of becoming) insolvent - Signals to watch out for

Several international studies have shown that companies that drift into bankruptcy often follow the same pattern. Check for these signals

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Dispute resolution

My debtor is (at risk of becoming) insolvent - Possibilities for securing your claim

In the event of a bankruptcy, secured creditors have a preferential position compared to "regular" or unsecured creditors, in accordance

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Managing Covid-19

Royal Decree number 15: Covid-19 crisis and suspension of execution

On 24 April 2020, the Royal Decree number 15, regarding the temporary suspension in favour of undertakings of executive measures

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Managing Covid-19

Coronavirus Legal Briefing | The EU's exit strategy for business

Welcome to Osborne Clarke's Coronavirus Legal Briefing, our newsletter on business law issues in these sombre times.