ESG, sustainability and responsible business

Responsible business, sustainable business, ESG (environmental, social, governance) – however you choose to term it – is moving up the boardroom agenda across sectors.

There is a rapidly growing recognition that value is about more than pure financial returns and businesses are grappling with many overlapping themes. They are decarbonising and engaging with the transition to a net zero economy. They are investigating their supply chains and focussing on human rights and labour abuses. They are valuing their people – their human capital. They are putting these factors at the heart of their strategy and governance structures.

Working out how your business should approach ESG, what good looks in terms of actions and transparency, what the expectations and obligations on your business are and how they are going to change is not easy.  There is a fast developing body of universal, and sector and issue specific, guidance and a variety of differing schemes and frameworks, using different metrics and disclosures. This is being reinforced by laws coming on line in a number of areas that impose at least base level requirements that may need to be accounted for in your ESG approach. There are many moving parts and no one size fits all.

Osborne Clarke has the people and the tools to help you. Find out more about the ESG agenda and how Osborne Clarke can help.

Accounting for natural capital: what does it mean for the real estate and infrastructure sector?

What is natural capital? Natural capital encompasses the world's stocks of natural assets and resources, such as fossil fuels, arable land, air and water quality, all living things and the...

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What is the relevance of ESG and diversity in investment decisions?

In an interview with Foresight Group, Matthew Lewis and Elena Palasmith discuss how Foresight are incorporating ESG into their investment decision-making, what Foresight see for ESG in 2020 and beyond...

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Creating and implementing ESG management systems to drive value

In this Insight, guest contributors Barry Lawson and Charlotte Lawson of The Private Equity Consultancy explain why good due diligence is only one part of an ESG programme that PE fund...

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UK Companies House gets real about corporate transparency

Individual directors and people with significant control (PSCs) of companies, as well as those who present information for filing at Companies House, will have to verify their identities under a...

Written on: 15 May 2019

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People with significant control register and trust registration service to become integrated into client due diligence requirements

UK entities that are required to carry out client due diligence (CDD) will have to refer to the people with significant control (PSC) register and trust registration service (TRS) under...

Written on: 15 May 2019

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Fundamental changes to the Trust Registration Service due in 2020

The much maligned Trust Registration Service (TRS) will undergo fundamental changes in 2020. The changes were outlined in the government's consultation on its implementation of the 5th Money Laundering Directive...

Written on: 15 May 2019

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