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The business tech stack

Catherine Hammon will kick the series off with a jargon-busting overview of the business tech stack – meaning the core IT infrastructure and software used by the vast majority of businesses

Across all sectors, digital transformation sits on a bedrock of IT contracts.

Our Spring webinar series focuses on the fundamentals of tech procurement from a legal perspective. We’ll explain the jargon around business technology and the essentials of licensing agreements, as well as discussing how the contractual framework is impacted by the project development model, where services are provided “in the cloud”, and where software is “open source”.

The series is aimed at in-house lawyers or others who are not specialists in this field but might be responsible for overseeing the legal aspects of tech projects. These discussions will be based on English law, although we anticipate that much of what we cover will also be relevant to IT contracts in other jurisdictions.

Each session will offer 30 minutes of explanation, plus time for audience questions and discussion.

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16 March 2021

09:00 - 09:45 GMT