Webinar | Developing a good compliance culture – how energy businesses can get it right | Do you have the answers to a health and safety investigation?

Energy businesses face an ever-increasing set of compliance risks both in terms of the core regulations under which they operate and the wider corporate obligations and expectations to which they are subject.

Across three special energy-focused webinars, experts from the Osborne Clarke Global Compliance team will be discussing what businesses in this sector can do to understand and improve their compliance position, and how they can ensure they are ready to respond effectively when issues arise. The speakers will use case studies involving health and safety, anti-bribery and sector-specific regulatory breaches to highlight the importance of compliance programmes.

Topics covered include:

  • Summary of key legislation and regulators powers
  • Case example – what are the areas typically looked at, where might an organisation be exposed to liability?
  • Practical steps to close the compliance gap and mitigate any liability

Other webinars in this series

Putting in place a robust compliance programme | Thursday 28 January

Understanding and preparing for Ofgem interventions | Thursday 11 February

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When and where?

4 February 2021

10:00 - 11:00