Webinar | Decarbonisation: Countdown to COP26

Please join us for the second webinar in our ‘Countdown to COP26’ series, run in partnership with our Scottish friends, Harper Macleod.

This session will take place on Wednesday 3 February 2021 at 09:30 GMT.

This webinar will provide a COP26 update since November, before we delve into the concept of nature-based solutions (the sustainable management and use of nature for tackling socio-environmental challenges) and its potential impact on business.

In December 2020, the long-awaited BEIS ‘energy white paper‘ noted the importance of nature-based solutions to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, essential to achieve net zero by 2050. In addition the December 2020 ‘Update to the Climate Change Plan 2018 – 2032‘ from the Scottish government stresses the need to prioritise nature-based solutions not only for carbon sequestration, but also for enhanced biodiversity, improved air and water quality and ecosystems.

We will look at nature-based solutions in the context of rural projects, including the production of renewable energy sites. In the broader context, we will be looking at the anticipated outcome of COP26 and how it will impact businesses. Furthermore, we will provide a case study example of the city of Glasgow, exploring how the council is working to meet its target of carbon neutral status by 2030, and identifying areas of commonalities for other built environments.

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When and where?

3 February 2021

09:30 - 10:30