Decarbonisation | Countdown to COP26

Please join us for the first in our webinar series, ‘Countdown to COP26’, run in partnership with our Scottish friends, Harper Macleod.

COP26, due to be hosted in Glasgow between 1-12 November 2021 (after being delayed a year), will be a significant international event on the climate change agenda. COP26 will signify the first time since the Paris Agreement that nations have come together to consider the effect of the measures introduced in 2016, as well as to review their commitments and to strengthen their ambitions. All of which is made more pertinent as countries endeavour to transition to a greener economy following the Coronavirus pandemic.

In this first webinar we will explore some of the broader dynamics impacting on COP26, such as the potential role Glasgow itself and the Scottish government may play in the preparations. We will be exploring the current UK net-zero legal standpoint as well as discussing why it is that businesses need to take an active interest in the outcomes of this major event on the climate change agenda. We will also consider some of the potential legal ramifications of the conference and their impact on businesses.

Our ‘Countdown to COP26’ series will run once a quarter, exploring the legal facets and angles of decarbonisation, across all sectors, through the lens of COP.

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When and where?

12 November 2020

09:30 - 10:15 GMT