Key Issues

Influencing government and regulators

Regulation can often seem like a battlefield, with many perceived ‘them and us’ conflicts. But in today’s digital world, success for all parties demands that trust is built and divisions overcome.

For businesses, that means understanding how regulators will view new risks to consumers, employees, markets and the environment. On the part of the consumer, they want to know that emerging services are safe and data-sharing platforms are secure. Regulators need to engage with those they regulate on the systems and monitoring activity they have in place.

Recent years have been positive in this respect. We’ve seen an unprecedented increase in businesses looking to engage with regulators and governments in the design of co-regulatory frameworks.

Collaboration and co-creation

As calls for co-regulatory activity grow, a number of questions are coming to the fore:

  • How can customer reviews and regulations supplement each other in particular sectors?
  • What effect does digital technology have on the regulators' ability to gather better information required for writing rules/laws?
  • What changes does the digital era bring to the relationship between government and regulators, regulated parties, and consumers?

Working alongside our clients, we’ve considered a range of topics, including suggested changes to the EU Commission's proposals for press publishers' rights it should lobby for, as part of the Digital Single Market initiative.

We’ve also advised a client across a number of European jurisdictions on necessary amendments to local ePrivacy laws, following a new European Electronic Communications Code.

Specialist support for you and your partners

To strengthen your own position when engaging with governments and regulators, you could engage consultants or economists to produce evidence-based reports and consumer questionnaires. Again, we can help. We work collaboratively with those external advisors to create a cohesive strategy to take to policy makers.

At Osborne Clarke, our aim is to help your business succeed by placing it at the forefront of regulatory change. Our wide-ranging regulatory specialists can assist you with engagement with regulators, responding to consultations on regulatory change, or defining how you work with trade bodies. Whatever the case, we’ll be proactive in our service and specialist in our support.

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