Norbert is one of the founding Partners of the Hamburg office of Osborne Clarke, and his focus is on commercial and media law.

From 1980 to 1991 he was the president of the School for Economics and Politics in Hamburg, where he taught commercial and media law.

Norbert is the founder and managing director of Schmidts TIVOLI GmbH, which nowadays runs the most successful private theatre in Germany. In 2001 he established Tivoli GmbH, a joint venture with the shipping company Aida Cruises. As its managing director, he was responsible for the entertainment on Aida ships.

Furthermore, Norbert is the vice chairman of the tourism association of Hamburg and a member of the supervisory board of Hamburg Tourismus GmbH. He is also a member of the tourism committee of the chamber of commerce in Hamburg and acts as its representative in the tourism committee of the German chamber of industry and commerce.