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Beyond Bitcoin: why blockchain matters to your business

Over the last six months, we have presented a series of events across our European offices, aiming to provide some answers to questions about blockchain: what it is, how it...

Written on: 11 Aug 2017

Read time 1m

SEPA Instant Payments Scheme: How Payment Initiation Services and Technical Service Providers will be treated in Germany under PSD2

This is an abstract from a longer article published in German on Background: development of a pan-European instant payment scheme In June 2015 the Euro Payments Retail Board (ERPB)...

Written on: 20 Oct 2016

Read time 2m

The EBA consults on strong customer authentication under Second Payment Services Directive

The European Banking Authority (‘EBA’) published on 12 August 2016 its consultation paper ‘On the draft Regulatory Technical Standards (‘RTS’) specifying the requirements on strong customer authentication and common and...

Written on: 18 Oct 2016

Read time 1m

The EBA discusses future draft regulatory technical standards

The European Banking Authority (EBA) issued a Discussion Paper on 8 December 2015 on the future Draft Regulatory Technical Standards on strong customer authentication and secure communication under the revised...

Written on: 5 May 2016

Read time 6m

Sharing economy platform providers: how they may be caught by EU payments regulation

Our Payments team in the UK and Germany has recently considered how sharing economy platform providers can fall within the scope of EU payments regulation.  Broadly, payments regulation (including anti-money...

Written on: 2 Dec 2015

Read time 1m

Why does payments regulation matter to sharing economy platforms?

At first glance, payments regulation might seem to be something which only affects banks or credit card companies. However, many sharing economy platform providers’ business models are impacted by payments...

Written on: 20 Oct 2015

Read time 4m