International Expansion

Expanding into Europe and across the globe is a key element of the growth strategy of many US companies. With offices in the US for over 16 years, our teams...

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Artificial Intelligence: Silicon Valley Tech Giants continue their race to compete for AI advantage

Artificial Intelligence (AI), an idea first conceived in the 1950s and a reliable sci-fi staple in the backlots of Hollywood studios ever since, is now a one of the hottest...

Written on 11 Nov 2016

Read time 10m

Has international data storage become a strategic choice following the Microsoft judgment?

A US court has recently ruled that Microsoft does not have to allow the US government access to personal data (in the form of a Microsoft Hotmail user’s emails) stored...

Written on 22 Sep 2016

Read time 4m

Hyperlinks and Copyright in Europe

Last Thursday (08 September 2016) the CJEU handed down a judgment in a case which will have implications for digital publishers, from newspapers to bloggers. The case (GS Media v...

Written on 13 Sep 2016

Read time 5m

Defending both creators and the public: will AI and the blockchain transform IP management?

The ultimate goal of an artificial general intelligence – a computer that can perform any task a human can do – is still some way off.  But well before that...

Written on 13 Sep 2016

Read time 5m

The world is your oyster…

Globalization is a word that has become part of so many business objectives today.  Not just for those larger corporations planning to conquer the world but also for earlier stage...

Written on 24 Aug 2016

Read time 2m

EU approval of Privacy Shield provides clarity for transatlantic data transfers

Today, the European Commission formally adopted and finalized the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, a new framework for transatlantic data flows that replaces the old ‘Safe Harbor’ scheme. You may be aware...

Written on 11 Jul 2016

Read time 2m