Our partners are the embodiment of our values, the drivers and custodians of the business, of the culture that makes Osborne Clarke special.

Being a Partner at Osborne Clarke is a great responsibility. It means being a good listener, understanding what clients need even when they can’t express it themselves. It means managing and developing your team so that every individual can reach their full potential. And it means knowing when to take a risk – the mark of a true leader.

Our partners need to be great lawyers, of course, but they need to balance legal knowledge with a deep understanding of the markets in which our clients are operating, and to share that knowledge, leading the thinking that will shape sectors.

We have high expectations of our partners, yes, but what’s most important is that you fit into our culture. Clients say they enjoy dealing with us, our people say they like working here and feel valued, and we want partners who feel, instinctively, that they can make sure we continue to meet and exceed expectations.

Ray Berg's Images

I joined Osborne Clarke because it was the sort of firm I’d always aspired to be a part of.

Ray Berg, UK Managing Partner

Bold, Provocative Thinking

This is a firm where brave, new ideas (and the confidence and conviction to see them through) are highly prized. Put it this way, we're never afraid to take a view if it gets people thinking.



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