Our business services teams are an essential part of Osborne Clarke; without them, our lawyers couldn’t do their jobs properly, and everyone in the firm knows it.

We rely on our business services professionals to help keep Osborne Clarke ahead of the game: setting the standard for best practice in HR; making sure our business development activities are cutting-edge; building and maintaining robust IT and finance systems which make the most of technological advances.

We need creative, thoughtful and practical individuals in all our support teams, people who enjoy being at the top of their game, who can build, lead and develop teams, who aren’t afraid to come forward with new ideas in the knowledge their contribution will be valued and credit given where it’s due.

Above all we need people who know how to get things done in a complex organisation full of some of the most intelligent people you’ll ever meet. You’ll need to be persuasive, practical and pragmatic. You’ll need to know how to work within budget, and how to build a case for those exceptional items which make the difference between good and great. And you’ll need to fit in to a culture where team is more important than the individual, where everyone contributes, and where nobody goes home feeling that no-one values them.

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'The people are what make OC great.'

Su Akgun, Diversity and Wellbeing Manager

The Right Environment

Our workplaces are designed to promote collaboration, with open-plan structures that make it easy to fit-in, mix and get involved.

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