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Osborne Clarke analyses crowdfunding market barriers for FISMA report

Findings provide the basis for crowdfunding regulation on a European level International legal practice Osborne Clarke has worked with the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) to co-edit the study: “Identifying market...

Written on 16 Mar 2018

Read time 1m

International Competition Update | February 2018

  In the first couple of months of the year some of the key topics that we predicted would shape Competition Law in 2018 are already beginning to bear fruit....

Written on 28 Feb 2018

Read time 4m

IP@OC | February 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of IP@OC, Osborne Clarke’s quarterly international IP newsletter. In this edition we focus on trade secrets. Back in 2015, alongside an interview with industry insiders,...

Written on 15 Feb 2018

Read time 4m

The Trade Secrets in Italy | How do the courts interpret key concepts?

How does the law currently protect trade secrets? The Italian legal system is largely compliant with the provisions introduced by the Trade Secrets Directive and, to a certain extent, already...

Written on 14 Feb 2018

Read time 2m

International Competition Update | January 2018

  As we welcome in 2018, we look back on a year gone by that was dominated by discussions on selective distribution prompted by the growing body of case law...

Written on 29 Jan 2018

Read time 4m

Italian Competition Authority fines Unilever for exclusivity obligations and fidelity-inducing rebates in the ice cream sector

By a decision of 31 October 2017, the Italian Competition Authority (ICA) fined Unilever for an abuse of dominance, in applying certain exclusivity provisions and fidelity-inducing rebates to its retail...

Written on 18 Jan 2018

Read time 5m

At last, a whistleblowing law is adopted in Italy

After more than a year of parliamentary debate, a new whistleblowing law has been passed in Italy. The law introduces protections particularly for public servants and employees of companies that...

Written on 10 Jan 2018

Read time 4m

IP@OC | November 2017

Welcome to the latest edition of Osborne Clarke’s international Intellectual Property update. In this edition we focus on trade marks. With cross-border commerce and international expansion increasingly causing international brands...

Written on 3 Nov 2017

Read time 3m

Crowdfunding and Initial Coin Offering: a new explosive mixture on the market?

Crowdfunding has not yet shown any signs of slowing down and yet already the web is bursting with new ways of exploiting crowdfunding’s potential. Let’s take a step backwards… In...

Written on 6 Oct 2017

Read time 5m