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The Netherlands Commercial Court: Opening soon!

Features Jurisdiction of the NCC requires explicit agreement between parties. Parties will generally include a choice of forum clause in their agreements for this purpose, similar to how parties agree...

Written on: 14 Dec 2018

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What will Brexit mean for the Life Sciences sector – in a deal or a no deal scenario?

Background After two years of negotiations, the UK and the EU have agreed on the text of the Withdrawal Agreement, and the Political Declaration on the future relationship between the...

Written on: 13 Dec 2018

Read time 7m

GDPR enforcement in Germany: Regulator issues fine and watchdog groups take private action

About half a year after GDPR came into force, European data protection authorities have issued the first fines, ranging from just under 5,000 Euros (Illegal video surveillance in a local...

Written on: 13 Dec 2018

Read time 4m

Europe | The Intra-Corporate-Transfer (ICT-) Card as a vehicle for facilitating the intra-corporate transfer of third-country nationals to Europe

What is the ICT-Card? The ICT-Card was implemented in accordance with the regulations of the ICT-Directive of the European Union (Council Directive 2014/66/EU). The purpose of this residence permit is...

Written on: 6 Dec 2018

Read time 2m

Data protection and privacy: are you Brexit-ready for any outcome?

Against a fluid legal and political landscape – which may well have overtaken the contents of this update by the time you read it – the publication of the signed...

Written on: 27 Nov 2018

Read time 9m

Next-generation connectivity: William Newton, Wiredscore

William Newton of WiredScore on how crucial connectivity is for businesses, as explored in our new Next-generation connectivity report. >Download your copy

Written on: 16 Nov 2018

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Next-generation connectivity: Dr Flemming Moos, Osborne Clarke

Dr. Flemming Moos on the legal implications for businesses raised in our new Next-generation connectivity report. > Download your copy

Written on: 14 Nov 2018

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New Deal for Consumers: European Data Protection Supervisor concerned reforms could undermine GDPR

Background As we reported in April, the EU has conducted a major revaluation of EU consumer law directives. As a consequence, the EU has proposed a series of amendments to...

Written on: 7 Nov 2018

Read time 3m

Next-generation connectivity: Declan O’Halloran, Quintas Energy

Declan O'Halloran considers what new levels of connectivity means for the energy sector in our new Next-generation connectivity report. > Download your copy

Written on: 5 Nov 2018

Read time 1m